Tuesday 28 February 2012

Van Gogh's Starry Nights

I did a lot of discussion before starting this project with a Year1/2 group. We talked about the colours, shapes and the type of brush strokes used. They then used white, blue, yellow and black acrylic paint and painted onto black paper. I asked them to cover their entire paper with the swirly sky, moon and stars and not to worry about the 'tree' or houses in the foreground. In the next session they worked back into their drawings with oil pastels to add extra detail to their sky and add the 'tree' and buildings.

Sunday 26 February 2012

Underwater Swimmers

Originally got this idea from the fabulous Use Your Coloured Pencils blog (see link on my homepage). I've altered it slightly and just completed it with a group of Year 2/3's. After an initial panic that they wouldn't be able to draw the swimmer, they absolutely loved it!

On the first day, we created our marbled paper to use for the water and printed ‘bubbles’ on our background paper (using plastic lids and acrylic paint). The next two lessons were taken up with drawing and colouring the swimmer and painting little white reflections onto our ‘bubbles’. The final session involved cutting out the swimmer and assembling all the layers. The kids (and I!), were really proud of the final artworks.






Sunday 19 February 2012

Polar Art Projects

Penguin Families using air dry clay and acrylic paint

Penguin in the Snow - using scrunched tissue paper on a penguin template, sponged acrylic paint and circles cut from doilies for the background.

Polar Bear Prints - bears printed using kitchen sponges cut into 'bear' shapes - cut out prints and add to a background that has been painted with blue ink and sprinkled with salt - sponge on white acrylic paint to create some ice.

Year 1-2 Abstract Scratch Back

1. Draw a variety of geometric shapes.

2. Colour each shape in a different way.

3. After covering your design with a black wax crayon, scratch shapes and designs back into it using a nail or a toothpick.

Eric Carle inspired animals

Inspired by Eric Carle's many books. Images were created by first painting sheets of paper with different inks. When the paper was dry, the students drew on the shape of their chosen animal and cut them out. The leftover painted paper was used to cut out and add extra details.


My Pinterest Board

Be warned.........Pinterest can be very addictive! But it is a fabulous way to keep track of great ideas and where you found them.

Saturday 18 February 2012

Tonal Drawings

What a difference a few months of drawing practice makes!!

Sculpture Totems

A finished totem
This project was one of those happy accidents. I found a collection of cut off table legs at a recycling centre. We then created 'heads' from air dry clay and some face molds. The kids then painted their finished totem with acrylic paint.


Planet designs using styrofoam balls and acrylic paint.

Ink Tigers


Distorted Portraits

Rainbow Fish

Created by decorating a paper fish template. The 'ocean' is made by painting a page of blue and green ink and then cutting it out in 'wave' pattern and rearranging it to create a watery look.

Chinese New Year Projects

The dragon paintings (painted with ink and the original drawing were outlined in black wax crayon), were mounted onto black paper and displayed. The lanterns were cut out and laminated and then 'strung' on ribbons along the top of one of our school display boards.
Add a little bit of glitter for a final touch (emphasising that 'less is more'!!)

Modigliani inspired portraits using oil pastels and PVA glue.