Tuesday 27 March 2012

Clay - Project 4 - 'Eggs'

This is definitely on the trickier side. However, it lets the kids really lets their imaginations loose as to what creature they will create. The molds used were created using an ice-cream container, plaster and a polystyrene ball.

Add circular pieces of clay and don't press too hard - the idea is for it to retain the circle pattern on the outside of the 'egg'.

Use a piece of clay to pull the 'egg' away from the side of the mold.

These are just two ideas of what the 'egg' could be made into!

Thanks to Ann Murray for her fabulous ideas!

Clay - Project 3 - Teddy Bears

These were amazingly easy and could probably be done with fairly young kids (as long as they know how to properly join clay pieces together!)

Many Thanks to Ann Murray for her fabulous ideas!

Clay - Project 2 - Bowls

I loved these! We were shown how cut out a round slab of clay, add decorations using a slightly different coloured clay and then how to lay the slab over a dome sports marker. Can't wait to see what they will look like after they have been fired!

Many Thanks to Ann Murray for her fabulous ideas!

Clay - Project 1 - Pinch Pot Animals

I recently got to go on a teacher development day....a whole day spent with other art teachers...playing with clay...heavenly!
This first project would be great for younger students and there are endless animals that could work for this.

Many Thanks to Ann Murray for her fabulous ideas!
These are the results of putting the teacher day ideas into action. We (myself and a class of Year 4-6 ESL students), made pinch pot turtles which we then coloured with a green glaze and a top coat of clear glaze. Love them!

Friday 16 March 2012

Beach Scene

We had to combine a hot Aussie summer, a paper weaving we had already completed and a water classroom theme and this is what we have come up with so far...

Wednesday 14 March 2012

Fish on Marbled Paper Waves

A great easy project for junior year levels. We used some fish templates but you could just as easily draw your own. We did some paper marbling and then, when they were dry, we drew 'wavy' lines. We cut along each line and then collaged them to create a layered effect.

We coloured our fish and then used sequins and googly eyes to decorate them. You could always add some glitter as well! Rather than glue our fish down, we added a velcro dot - this way the kids could reposition their fish or use them for storytelling.

Perspective Aquariums

Perspective Aquariums

A great way to teach one-point perspective. Start with a central vanishing point. Add 'windows' down each side and a curved ceiling. Use blue ink to paint the 'water'.
Outline the edge of the windows and the ceiling. Use permanent markers to make a 'chess board' pattern on the floor. Once this is done, get the students to draw and colour their underwater creatures on a separate piece of paper (remind them to make them small enought to fit into their aquariums!). These can be cut out and glued on when finished.

As a final touch, we also added silhouettes of people walking down the aquarium 'hallway'.

Dan - Year 6

Mariam - Year 7

Barnabus - Year 7

Marjorie - Year 7

Kandinsky's Circles

Again, I have seen multiple versions of this done before. I have just finished doing them with a Year 3 class and the results are stunning!

 We also did a practice 'mini' version using only oil pastels. Then they went onto outlining the circles in water soluble oil pastels and then painting with edicol inks.

I love the finished results.....especially when they are all displayed together and making a massive wall of colour!