Wednesday 10 August 2016

Van Gogh Chairs

Card (this could be a piece of recycled card or the back of a cereal box), Pencil, Colours (felt pen, coloured pencils, sharpies etc), Tape, Craft Knife (with adult supervision).

Watch the YouTube demo video and create your very own 3D Van Gogh Chair!

Student Samples

Kandinsky and Klimt inspired trees

This project was done by one of my Year 3 classes. We took our inspiration from Kandinsky, Klimt and the beautiful sunset colours of the Australia outback.

Fleur Schell inspired Clay Figures

I have just recently completed this project with an arts extension group of Year 5's and 6's. It was hugely popular with the kids and I'm so proud of their creations! I have also presented this project as a professional development workshop for some fellow teachers. Below are some student examples and the step by step photos of the process we use to create the figures.