Thursday 29 May 2014

Sidney Nolan Inspired Ned Kelly projects

I have done a Sidney Nolan inspired oil pastel project before. This time, we took it a step further and after finishing our oil pastel artworks, we also created some Nolan inspired Ned Kelly's out of clay. I love the results and how different they all look! This was a Year 5 class and my artists are: Shreya, Timnit, Noah, Maggie, Lyla, Lucy and Jasmine.

Clay Planter Pockets

These planter pockets are made by using two thin slabs of clay. Don't forget the add a hole at the top to hang the planter and two or three holes at the bottom for drainage.

Clay Kandinsky Bowls

These bowls are created by rolling out a thin layer of clay - using a second slab of clay to cut out and add circular patterns. You then lay the clay slab over a plastic sports marker for a couple of hours to dry out. For a base, you can add a coil of clay to the bottom of the bowl. After it has dried, you can take the bowl off the marker and in a few days it will be ready to bisque fire.

Lace Hearts

A nice, easy idea. Roll gently over the lace - thinner clay will take a better impression. Would look great with clear glaze and a red ribbon.

Clay Chihuly Bowls

Once again I have been lucky enough to attend a Clay PD at a fellow art teacher's school. Its been a great way to get some great new clay projects ideas! This project used a draping technique to create some Chihuly inspired clay bowls...