Friday 11 May 2012

Woven Dream catchers

After looking at a number of examples of dream catchers, we made our own using the centre of the plate and lots of different coloured wool. These are heaps of fun and look amazing when they are done....but.....they do need a lot of prep if working with younger kids (making the looms, cutting and sorting the right lengths of wool and untangling looms every 2 and a half minutes!!)

When they were finished, we punched some holes in the bottom of the plate and used paper clips to add feathers and beads.

**I have had a few enquires about exactly how to make the dream here are a couple more pics...

I have found the best 'needles' are made from an extra large paper clip that you bend into shape and tape the two end together - that way it doesn't catch on the wool as you weave.

Setting up a table with pre-cut lengths of wool is a lifesaver when working with younger students!

Jonathan - Year 3


  1. Love your ideas. Thanks for all the effort you have put into this blog.

  2. I just did necklaces like this too! I love that you turned that weaving into dreamcatchers - cool!

  3. how did you weave the dreamcatchers?

  4. Hi Nilsa, you use the centre of a paper plate - put a hole into the centre of the plate - cut an uneven number of notches into the edge of the plate - use a piece of wool and thread it through the centre of the plate - tie it off and wind the wool around each notch and tie the end off. I tend to do this part if I'm working with younger kids. Then the kids can take lengths of wool and weave it under and over the wool 'frame' (the first piece of wool that the students use will need to be tied off or taped at the back of the plate). They can change colours and just tie the new piece of wool to the first. Hope this helps!

    1. thank you for your quick reply! I will try it with my 1st grade class and let you know how it worked out! :)

  5. I make these weavings in a simpler way. I have the children cut 9 slits around a paper plate and number them on the back. Then they tape a piece of yarn on the back and go through slit#1 to the front #5. Around the back to #4 to the front to #9 around back to #8 to the front to #3 around back to #2 to the front to #7 around back to #6 and then tie up the "web" in the center and begin weaving! Much faster then threading through a center hole. :)