Saturday 8 April 2017

Collaborating with Nature

This is a great project to make use of whatever outdoor space you have. If you are able, have a look at some examples of Nature/Ephemeral Art and the art of Day Schildkret. 'Spring Awakening' - Day Schildkret, 2018
Process: Use a container to collect a number of natural items from the garden. Try to find items that have fallen, rather than picking anything from living plants. Make sure you have an adult o check that all of your items are safe to use. Project 1:Use you items to create an image. It could be a face, a landscape or just a pattern. Get an adult to take a photograph of your finished artwork. Project 2: Use the same items and glue them down with PVA glue onto a piece of paper or card (you could use the back of a cereal box. Use a pencil to draw extra details to incorporate your natural items into a finished picture.
Class Samples:

My Drawing Challenges!

This is my 'go to' solution for my early finishers! Plus it works as a bit of art therapy for me in the mornings!! I do either levelled drawing challenges around a particular theme or a variety of different drawing projects (usually inspired by an artist, a book, a specific skill or an art movement). Having these challenges means that students who finish early are focussed on a skill building activity rather than on distracting their friends who are still working!

Clay and Glass Projects

I think this is the third time I have attempted this project. I work with my Grade 5/6's and I keep it fairly open. They are able to make an ornament or a piece of jewellery and they have the option to add glass to their creation through the use of glass marbles. So far, so good and it has been successful every time we have done it. No major disasters (the glass will often crack but this is usually a nice effect!) and the kids are usually really pleased with their efforts! A couple of tips: Use the same type of marble, stick to clear glass ones instead of coloured ones and explicitly teach your students to create a large enough 'bowl' space for their marble to melt into.

Falling into an old favourite!

This is one of those standby, can't fail projects that I do every couple of years, usually with my Grade 1's or 2's. These examples were done by one of my Grade 2 classes and I absolutely adore them!!

Art Extension: Clay ipod/phone holders

This is the first time I've tried this project. I had a great group of very talented Grade 5/6 students and we love how they have all turned out! They had a choice of what they would like to make, Many choose the ipod/phone holders, but we also had a beautiful bird bath ornament, paint brush/pen holders and an ipad stand!

A whole heap of projects in one post!!!

Ok, here goes. I don't get around to posting projects as often as I would like. So, I am going to attempt to put up most of the projects I have done this term. I have a different focus each term and in Term 1, it is usually 'Skills and Processes'. Its a great way to see where kids are - especially my Year 1's and any new students to the school. Projects: - Dragon Eyes: Grade 3/4 - Handprint Peacocks: Grade 3 - Colour Theory Cupcakes: Pre-primary - Pop Art Hearts: Grade 3 - Sunsets and Silhouettes: Grade 4 - Patterned Treefrogs: Grade 3/4 - Diving Whales: Grade 3/4 - Air Dry Clay Penguins and Printed polar bears: Grade 1 - Endeavour Boats: Grade 4 - Underwater Divers: Grade 3