Friday 19 April 2013

Clay Knee Masks - 'Freaky Faces'

After learning how to make these knee masks at a teachers workshop, I have finally had a chance to let a group of students have a go. Although we started off following the knee mask pattern, we ended up mainly working on a flat surface as it was easier to add details this way. Some students went with a more traditional face while others explored more of a Freak show/Circus theme. I love them all!
Amy Y - Year 7
Harry - Year 7

Alora - Year 7

Anna-Poppy - Year 6

Brandon - Year 6/7

Jodie - Year 7

Nel - Year 7

Pheung - Year 6/7

Taehwan - Year 6/7

Friday 5 April 2013

Wild Things

I have always been a HUGE fan of Maurice Sendak and I have done several projects based on his amazing illustrations and stories. This 'Wild Things' project is inspired by his book, 'Where the Wild Things Are'....
The kids created their creatures by joining together parts of several other creatures (we also created a new name for their creature by using some of the letters of the different animal names.....with some hilarious results!). I think their creations are absolutely stunning!!

Aiden - Year 3/4

Celine - Year 3/4

Humphrey - Year 3/4

Leila - Year 3/4

Lilly.B - Year 3/4

Netta - Year 3/4

Mathew - Year 3/4

Shiyi - Year 3/4

Thursday 4 April 2013

Surreal Landscapes

This was a multi-focus project that looked at Perspective, Surrealism and the use of multiple mediums. We first looked at a number of Surrealist artworks and spoke about associated artists, such as Dali, Magritte and Ernst.
We then all started our image in the same way - first drawing a horizon line and then creating a road  or river using one point perspective.
From there the students were able to create the landscape of their dreams and imaginations!

Annabel - Year 4

Lily.A - Year 4

Jennifer - Year 4
Soham - Year 4