Saturday 2 March 2013

Miro Inspired Creatures

- A3 Paper
- Lead pencil
- Coloured inks (alternatives can include food dye mixed with water or diluted acrylic paint)
- Black wax crayon (this can be an oil pastel or a twistable/wind up style of crayon)

I love Miro's work and I find that it often appeals to children's imaginations. I love that it is simple enough for every child to be able to complete it successfully, but also provides opportunities for them to add their own style and details.
We start by playing a couple of rounds of 'Roll A Miro' game - there are a few versions of this game out there and mine is definitely not the first!
This is the link to my version - feel free to use it!
This is a great way to introduce the work of Miro and the types of lines, patterns and symbols that he uses.

The students then create their own Miro inspired 'creature' - I ask them to draw nice and large onto A3 paper and to include some of the shapes into the background. They then go over their pencil lines with a black wax crayon.

 The students then use ink to paint their creature. I ask them to choose a few areas to colour in solid black and to leave at least 3 areas on their picture white to create some visual emphasis.
 I love the process of getting to see the different creative choices that my students make!





  1. fabulous! i love the game and the finished examples of work!

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