Friday 19 April 2013

Clay Knee Masks - 'Freaky Faces'

After learning how to make these knee masks at a teachers workshop, I have finally had a chance to let a group of students have a go. Although we started off following the knee mask pattern, we ended up mainly working on a flat surface as it was easier to add details this way. Some students went with a more traditional face while others explored more of a Freak show/Circus theme. I love them all!
Amy Y - Year 7
Harry - Year 7

Alora - Year 7

Anna-Poppy - Year 6

Brandon - Year 6/7

Jodie - Year 7

Nel - Year 7

Pheung - Year 6/7

Taehwan - Year 6/7


  1. These are absolutely fantastic! Would you mind posting or sending me the info on how to create these? I'm a new follower! I just found you through another blogger!

    1. Hi Jenn, if you click on 'Clay Masks' on my homepage, it will show you the basic process of how the masks were made :-)

  2. Hi! I wanted to thank you for inspiring me to make a version of this project with my summer campers. I have pictures up on our Facebook page (link: )The kids absolutely loved the fact that we were making something over our knees! and even the youngest campers (going in to 1st) did a great job. I found this project on Pinterest (here: BTW. Love your blog!!

    1. Thanks Gabrielle! I've had a look at the Facebook pics...the clay pieces look great!