Saturday 1 June 2013

Clay Hands

This project was inspired by this pinterest post. I worked with a Year 4 class over three sessions to complete them. I currently have them in the kiln, so I will post some more pics soon so you can see more of their finished creations. We started by rolling out a slab of clay (don't let them make it too thin or the fingers will tend to break off!. Students traced around their hand onto the clay - using a toothpick or a sharp pencil - after using the pencil to 'cut' out the clay hand, the kids drew on a design (We first talked about how simple designs would probably be more effective. The hands were left to dry in plastic bowls for a week. I made sure that the 'fingers' were positioned on the side of the bowl so that they would dry in a curve. Finally the hands were glazed and put in the kiln :-) Therese - Year 4

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