Thursday 17 July 2014

Artist Response

Project Background: Our lovely friends at the Big Kids Magazine gave us some copies of their gorgeous magazine for my students to work with. In each copy, an artist print is included. Our artist was Meredith Gaston. After looking closely at the artwork and discussing its different features, the students then drew their response to her artwork. I emphasised that this was very different from 'copying' her work, but instead, finding something in the work that they were interested in and using that as inspiration.

Your Project: Select one of the following Australian Artists or choose one of your own:
-Ben Quilty
-Charles Blackman
-Bronwyn Bancroft
-Esther Stewart

Look closely at the common characteristics across several of your chosen artist's artworks. This could include things such as colour choices, subject material or how they have composed their image. Create a 'response' artwork. You can choose what art materials you wish to use. Remember this is your own, personal response, rather than a copying your artist's work.

Student Samples;
Marco S

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