Friday 22 June 2012

Fractured Faces (Monochromatic)

This project was a great success and some of the student's portraits are just stunning! I worked with 3 class's of Year 5's to 7's. We spoke about how we could give the portraits a bit of a twist by changing the perspective....enlarging an eye here or moving an ear there....and then went through the process of how to draw 'fracture' lines through the face - we also spoke a little about Picasso and Cubism at this point. I let them know that the fracture lines would be the only spaces left white and that they would need to colour the rest of their picture using only one colour plus black and white. There were howls of protest from some who said that it absolutely couldn't be done! We used water soluble oil pastels (beautifully soft and they blend really well.....unfortunately into the floor as well as on paper!), and then painted the backgrounds with ink (I did let them use one other colour here, just to add a bit of extra emphasis).

Zelda - Year 7

Lewis - Year 7

Hannah.C - Year 6

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