Monday 9 July 2012

Indian Elephants

I did this project with a class of Year 1's and 2's. We just practiced drawing elephants for the first session until they had built up a bit of confidence. They then outlined their final drawing with a black ink pen. As soon as they finished outlining, they used a fine paint brush and water to make the ink 'bleed' and turn the elephant a lovely soft grey. At this stage we looked at lots of photographs of brightly decorated Indian elephants and discussed what we could use to decorate our elephants. Most students chose to use paper mosaic squares, sequins and metallic paint. Next time I think we will also use ink to paint the background a bright colour.


  1. Oh, this is wonderful! We did ceremonial Indian elephants last year in the 3rd grade, but only half of them worked out very well. This makes me want to try it again! Thanks for the post!