Friday 3 August 2012


A great project to use up all the little bits of card that you have lying around! (I use old cereal boxes or leftover pieces of white card). We created everything from faces to monsters and Delaunay inspired abstract patterns. For faces, students constructed a face by cutting out each element from the card and gluing it onto a separate piece of paper or card. Students then make a rubbing print from their collograph. We chose to also paint the background using complimentary coloured ink. To finish off, we turned each of our faces into a different 'character' - we had everything from clowns to cyborgs, kings, queens and even pirates!

Delaunay Inspired...

Character Collographs.....we were inspired by Book Week at school

We also did a couple of variations on this project - one with 'monster' faces and the next using Robert Delaunay for inspiration.

 Collograph Monsters and Aliens....just for fun!

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