Thursday 9 August 2012

Embossed Owls

Materials: Card (A5 or A4 size)
PVA Glue (ideally in a bottle with a narrow tip)
Aluminium Foil
Sharpies, felt pens or coloured permanent markers
*Optional: Spray Adhesive (you can just paint on a thin layer of PVA glue to adhere the foil to the card instead)

Watch the demo video on YouTube and read the instructions below before making your embossed owl.

 We first drew our designs onto white card. Then we outlined them with a permanent marker so that the lines were easy to see. Using PVA glue we 'drew' a glue line over the owl outline and left it to dry.

When the glue was dry, we sprayed a small amount of spray adhesive onto the owl and covered it with a sheet of aluminium foil (make the foil sheet slightly larger than the piece of white card). We then gently rubbed over the foil so that it adhered closely to the lines of dried glue underneath. To emboss we used blunt pencils to add designs onto the owl and patterns into the background.

Lastly we added some colour. We worked straight onto the foil with coloured permanent markers. If students wanted to make their colours lighter and a bit more subtle, we used a tissue to rub off most of the permanent marker as soon as it was applied.

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