Tuesday 8 January 2013

Egyptian Sarcophagus

I love this project (and it is VERY popular with my students)....but it is messy and it is made much easier if you are as lucky as I was and have some parent volunteers!!! The original idea came through a teacher friend of mine, who got it from another teacher! I have seen a few variations on the same idea on Pinterest as well.
This is what we did....
1. Cut off the top of a one litre milk carton. Use some card to make a curved top (tape it inside to secure it)
2. Use a half/half mixture of white glue and water to paper mache  paper towel over the entire carton (except the bottom or it will stick to the table as it dries!)

3. Scrunch up paper towel to fashion a head, crossed arms and feet and then cover with more paper towel (make sure that you wet the paper towel enough so that it sticks to the outline of the body underneath)

4. When it is covered completely, leave it to dry for a few days (we left them for a week). Sometimes, you will need to do a second session of paper mache (it needed at least 6 or 7 layers)

5. Once the paper mache is finished and completely dry, we were ready to paint. We used good quality acrylic paint and the students had the option of adding extra decoration or hieroglyphics with metallic paint.

These are some of the results....

Angel - Year4

Aisha - Year 4

Bianca - Year 4

Jordanne - Year 4

Maneeza - Year 4


  1. Fabulous idea. When I saw the first picture...I thought they were life size!

  2. What a fantastic idea!! I really want to do this when it comes up later in the year. Thank you!!