Tuesday 8 January 2013

Memory Paintings

I do this project with my Year 1's and 2's almost every year. We start by talking about what their earliest memory is and which are their favourite memories. We also discuss the ways in which we can illustrate these memories.

To get started I ask the students to draw a big 'cloud' on their page that goes right up close to the edges of their paper. Kids will often point out that this looks like a cartoon 'thought bubble'. Inside the cloud, students illustrate their memory - first with a pencil outline and then painting (we usually use inks). To finish off, we paint the out edge of our cloud and sometimes use a permanent marker to add a pattern.

What I love most abut this project is how personal each painting is and how it is unique to that particular child. For classroom teachers it can work as a great starter for multiple literacy projects.

These are just a few of my student's fabulous creations!

Gayle - Year 2

Jazuli - Year 2

Eric - Year 2

Lizzie - Year 2

Netta - Year 2

Stephin - Year 2

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