Sunday, 19 April 2020

Mixed-Up Chameleons

Timeframe: 2 x 50 minute sessions
- Paper (A4 or A3)
- Lead Pencil
- Black Permanent Marker (or felt pen/sharpie)
- Oils pastels (or substitute with felt pens, crayons or coloured pencils)
- Ink - or diluted food dye or very diluted acrylic paint. (If you don’t have access to any of these, then substitute with felt pens, crayons or coloured pencils)

You Tube deomo Video HERE

Step 1:
Use the Drawing guide below to draw your chameleon with a lead pencil.

Step 2:
Outline your finished chameleon with a black permanent marker.

**Optional step**
Give your chameleon some quirky personality by adding some accessories!

Step 3:
Use oil pastels (or alternative) to colour your chameleon. Think about a colour scheme. It could be warm colours, cool colours, complimentary colours, rainbow colours etc. Use some browns and ‘earthy’ colours to colour your branch.

Step 4:
Add some simple patterns into your background.

Step 5:
Use inks (or an alternative) to colour your background.

Alternative Materials Approach:
As an alternative to inks and oil pastels, use any of the alternatives listed at the start of the lesson. If you have no colours available, make it into a detailed Black and White artwork instead. Focus on creating patterns either within the chameleons body or into the background.


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