Wednesday 8 April 2020

Giacometti Inspired Foil Figures

Timeframe: 2 x 50 minute sessions
Lead Pencil
Aluminium Foil
Colours (this could be paint, coloured pencils, crayons or felt tips)

This project is inspired by Italian artist, Alberto Giacometti.

Step 1: Use some aluminium foil to create a simple figure. It needs to be around 10-15cm tall. Take your paper and figure outside into a sunny area. Place your figure in the middle section of your paper, in such a way that it creates a shadow. Trace around your figure with a lead pencil.

Step 2:
Rotate your figure so that you create 3 or 4 versions of your figure, without them crossing over. Outline each figure and then colour them in black. Experiment with how you pose your figure into different positions.

Step 3:
Select a different colour for each figure (choose colours that you think will go well together). Draw 3 or 4 outlines around each figure. Each line should move out towards the edge of your paper. Colour in the first line with the darkest version of your chosen colour. Each line should get lighter as you go out.

Step 4:
If possible, cut around the outside line and mount your work onto a piece of black or coloured paper.

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