Tuesday 11 September 2012

Applying transfers to Clay

A few things to know before you start...
- apply transfers only to bisque fired clay (not raw clay or glazed clay)
- use a sponge to wet the clay slightly first
- apply the transfer with the pattern side face down
- dab gently over with a damp sponge (do NOT rub)
- carefully peel off the backing paper
- usually it is easier to use small pieces of transfer paper to cover an area rather than one large piece

***Thanks to Ann Murray for all of her fabulous advice!***


  1. hello, ran across your blog on pinterest. what is this transfer made of or how is it made? thanks!

    1. Hi Emily, the transfers appeared to be made of paper and in Australia you can buy them from Jacksons Art Supplies or most ceramic supply outlets. I'm afraid that's all the info I can give you as I have only limited experience in using them so far :-)