Saturday 29 September 2012

Zen-Doodles Group Project

I had never heard of zentangles until me it was doodling! (and doodling it will remain!) But it turned out to be a great project to do in between bigger and messier projects.

Each student got a 'quarter' to complete and then we created a display of circles. A great way to do a group project where each student still gets to take their own work home.

After some feedback (thanks Phyl), Ive decided to call these zen-doodles!


  1. Chani I love these, they are really good!

  2. Thanks Clare.....clever little munchkins I have!

  3. They look terrific, but please, continue to call it doodling! Or 'controlled doodling' (doodling with parameters). Or even zen doodling, but not zentangles!

    Zentangles is a marketing gimmick, so that someone can sell classes, and special papers and pens, and make money off something we've all been doing for free forever, simply by giving it an official name.

    1. I was wondering how I had never heard of it before.....doodling it is!

  4. Chani

    Love these! They are so interesting to look at. Nice small scale so kids can complete in a reasonable amount of time. Love the circular format too!

    Rina at

  5. A lovely 'doodling' project! Thank you Phyl for telling me how 'zentangles' came about - like Chani I had never heard the term before I started my blog in August this year, and suddenly they were everywhere!

  6. I like the idea of each child making a quarter. Have you seen this You tube.
    It would be great to show the children before a lesson like yours.

  7. Thanks Gretchen.....I will check out the YouTube vid!