Thursday 27 December 2012

Tibetan Mandalas

As part of our school-wide theme of Ancient Art, we looked into creating our own version of Tibetan Mandalas.

I have had these large cardboard circles for a while. They originally came from huge rolls of velcro! However, I didn't have enough for a whole mainstream class, so I had to wait until a suitable class needed a new project. I have chosen a Year 6/7 ESL class and we are turning our recycled cardboard circle into Mandalas.

                      Seda-Nuwan-Barnabus-Mariam-Bob-Linda-Marjorie-Yuehao-Linh &Pheung

I showed the students some photos of the amazing sand mandalas created by the Tibetan monks - they were quite horrified to find out that all that hard work is simply blown away by the wind after it's finished! It did however, create a great way to introduce the idea that the some of the most important creativity happens in the making rather than the final product!

To cover up the hole in the centre of our cardboard, we cut out, painted and decorated a circle of card and attached it with hot glue.

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