Tuesday 24 March 2020

Patterned Tree Frogs

Paper, pencil, Fine black pen, Brown crayons or coloured pencils for the branch, Ink (or watered down acrylic paint. If you don't have either of those, just use coloured pencil, but do your patterns first and colour lightly over the top).

Step 1. Follow the drawing prompt sheet to draw your tree frog and branch(you could use A4 or A4 paper).

Step 2. If you are using ink or paint, then use a mix of yellows and greens to paint your frog. If you are using coloured pencils, skip this step and go onto your patterns and come back to this step when you are done.

Step 3. Use your fine black pen to add lines of different patterns into your frog.

Step 4. Add a blue sky (using either ink/paint or coloured pencil)and some colour into the branch (you can use crayons or pencils for this).

Step 5 *Optional: Mount your work onto a different coloured background and add some tree frog footprints around the edge.

Student samples:

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