Tuesday 31 March 2020

Loretta Grayson Inspired Geometric Landscapes

This project will definitely need your maths skills!
A3 Paper
Lead Pencil
Colours (ideally coloured pencils, but felt pens or crayons will also work)
Have a look at the work of Australian artist, Loretta Grayson.
Notice how she uses patterns and blocks of warm and cool colours.

Step 1:
Use a lead pencil to lightly draw one of two circles (you could also do an oval or 'teardrop' shape), into the middle section of your paper. You can choose to overlap your shapes and they don't need to be in the very centre of your page.
Step 2:
Draw a tree in each shape that starts at the bottom of your page and go up into and fills the circle or oval/teardrop. In the background, draw a few simple 'landscape lines'.

Step 3:
This is the tricky bit and it is important that you use your ruler! Create a grid (approximately 2cm by 2cm) that goes through the whole image, EXCEPT for the landscape lines. Use your maths skills to ensure that lines are straight and accurate.

Step 4:
Decide on a colour scheme! You can use cool colours for the tree branches and warm colours for the sky or the other way around. Or you might decide to mix them up a bit. Go back to Loretta Grayson's work and see what you think looks good!

Step 5:
Add shades of black and white to the tree trunk and a selection of 'earthy' colours to your landscape lines.

Student Examples;

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