Monday 30 March 2020

Stacked, Patterned Teacups

This project will work ideally on A3 white paper, but you can use whatever you have available.

Step 1: Draw your teacups(in the centre of your page) using the 'How to' instructions. DON'T add your patterns just yet, if you have inks or watercolours available to paint with. If you don't have any, then do your patterns in pencil first and then outline with a black marker.

Step 2: If you have ink/watercolours, paint each cup a different colour,leave to dry and then add different patterns to each cup(use pencil first and then outline with black marker). If you don't have inks/watercolours, then colour over the top of your outlined patterns with coloured pencil.

Step 3:Add a line to show the table that your teacups are sitting on. Colour your table with one, solid colour. Add a picture frame to the 'wall' in the background and add a mini version of your teacups picture.

Step 4: Add some colour (with inks, watercolours or coloured pencils) to your background. You can also add a pattern to your background if you choose.

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